KO Jones

June 02, 2023 |

 8:00 pm

 - 11:30 pm

Genre(s): Rock Music

The energetic classic, “old school”, “good time rock ‘n roll” group  that define the word, Rock!  Headed by Lia Sunga Petoral on lead vocals, Warren Norton on guitars, Victor Borgaily on drums, Jibby Borgaily on bass, Rene Compredio on keyboards and lead vocals and Emil Mayor on keyboards. KO Jones have time and again delighted us with their unique and entertaining repertoire.

After a short stint out of the country by 2 of the members in early 2006, the band recently regrouped and reformulated their diverse chemistry amongst each other to form a more matured, unique blend of world class music.

They have all been performing since the early 80’s and 90’s and had the opportunity of  playing in majority of the Metro Manila venues, domestic and international tours, rockfests, EDSA anniversary celebrations, SMB octoberfest provincial tours, just to name a few. Plus recorded and sessioned for various artists, seasoned musicians and of course, their own original music.  All individual personality, taste and distinction can easily be identified through their music.

Their passion for music has been felt, heard and enjoyed through the years by  many alike.  With that being said, they simply have the innate need to purge their burning desire to play to their hearts content and obviously just wanna rock!

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